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Culture as Currency with Marlon Nichols, Managing Partner at MaC Venture Capital

the confident investor Feb 23, 2021

Today I’m on with Marlon Nichols, Managing Partner at MaC Venture Capital. Marlon has a background in technology, private equity, media, and entertainment. As an investor, he has a unique eye for global trends and shifts in consumer behavior. We’ll discuss the investment thesis, investment frameworks, and upside industries. 

Marlon has a knack for capturing high-potential investments, which include Gimlet Media, MongoDB, Thrive Market, and other companies that reflect overlooked markets. With a background as a professional athlete, Marlon utilizes sports leadership philosophy when working closely with CEO’s to build the ventures of tomorrow.

Today he also shares his investment thesis which focuses on culture and desire to invest in a better future. His venture fund combines culture, impact, and social responsibility to support underserved communities across the US. 

What we cover in the episode:

  • How Marlon started his career as an investor 
  • The mission thesis and focus of his venture fund
  • Culture shifts that Marlon keeps an eye out on 
  • Investments that Marlon’s fund looks for 
  • Marlon’s most successful deals and diligence process 
  • What makes Marlon’s venture fund attractive to entrepreneurs 
  • Marlon’s outlook on eSports and smart cities as viable investments 
  • Advice for new investors and industries Marlon’s bullish on 


The Concept of Culture as Currency: How & Why Human Behavior Drives Marlon’s Investments

In Marlon’s view, human behavior and popular culture are big drivers of innovation and market trends. The trick is to figure out where people going to be spending their time and money in the future and you invest there/ His company looks at emerging behavioral trends and does a lot of research in that vein.

Since these are usually startups that are breaking new ground, Marlon’s VF shares research so that entrepreneurs building in those spaces know that there’s someone they can reach out to. 

The concept of cultural currency is about looking at the cultures that are tastemakers and identifying challenges and opportunities that you can invest in.

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