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Gaining Confidence as a Woman Angel Investor with Brianna McDonald, President of Keiretsu Forum Northwest

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

Keiretsu Forum Northwest is an angel investment community and the world's largest angel investor network. Keiretsu Forum has been ranked #1 by Pitchbook as the most active investment community in early and late-stage rounds. They’ve invested over 950 million in more than 1100 companies. 

My guest is Brianna McDonald, the President of Keiretsu Forum Northwest. With Brianna as the president, Keiretsu Forum Northwest has grown into the organization's largest regional chapter across Washington, Oregon, Boise, and Colorado. In this episode, we discuss her journey from a novice to a leading angel investor, how she got to see at the table as a woman in angel investing, and why she sees investing as a passion in her life.

Brianna also shares her view of the impact the COVID pandemic has had on angel investing and why she thinks now is the best time to start investing.


Key points discussed

  • Brianna’s background and how she got started as an angel (01:59)
  • Advice for women who are entering this space for the first time (04:58)
  • Angel investing as a way to shape the future (11:29)
  • The benefits of joining a community of angel investors (14:08)
  • How COVID change the game and opened new opportunities (17:01)
  • Ways to get involved with Keiretsu as an investor or an entrepreneur (20:15)
  • How Brianna sees the due diligence process for B2C companies (24:56)
  • The questions you should be asking founders (28:36)
  • Why is now the best time to start investing and generate wealth (32:02)
  • What does it mean to be a confident investor (34:48)


Get Started With What You Already Know

At Keiretsu Forum, they believe that diversity across the board contributes to better results. They work together to share experiences from all walks of life. What they’ve found is that women have an understanding of the market that’s been built over the years.

Brianna’s advice to women who are entering the angel investing space for the first time is to rely on their strengths. She thinks society has ingrained this image of perfection: perfect diplomas, perfect work experience, perfect accolades. We think that we need all that and more just to get a seat at the table. The truth is, women have made extraordinary contributions when they step up and share their knowledge. 

The advice is to stop waiting and thinking that you’re less qualified than a man - if there advancing innovation and technology is a passion for you, start doing your research and jump in, at any dollar amount.


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