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Investing in Latin America with Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Partner at Magma Partners

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

Claire Diaz-Ortiz is an author, a speaker, and an angel investor. Now she’s also a partner at Magma Partners, a venture capital fund focused on investing in the best entrepreneurs in Latin America. Her mission is to help these startups to launch and scale in the United States, but more than that, Clair is heading up a new firm-wide initiative to invest in at least 20 female-founded Latin American companies over the next three years. 

Before she became an investor, Claire was a blogger and an early employee at Twitter. Notably, she was called the woman who got the Pope on Twitter. She's also been named one of the most generous people in social media and one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company. 

Today we discuss the future of digital branding, international startup expansion, confidence based on emotional intelligence, and so much more. Claire shares her experience with investing in emerging markets and her tips on researching new industries. 


Key Points Discussed:

  • Claire’s background and how she became an investor (00:26)
  • How digital branding impacts both founders and investors (06:02)
  • Choosing the best platform and digital branding strategies (12:03)
  • What makes Latin America a great opportunity for investors (16:14)
  • What Claire looks for in investment opportunities and how she evaluates them (20:46)
  • Questions to ask about an industry you don’t have experience in (24:44)
  • Companies and industries Claire’s bullish on going forward (30:07)
  • Why you should think about your portfolio as a personal growth tool (34:31)
  • Claire’s process and how she learns from her mistakes (36:44)
  • Emotional intelligence as a big part of your confidence as an investor (41:46)
  • The most important takeaway for new investors (45:08)


What Makes Latin America a Great Opportunity for Investors

In the last 10 years, venture capital dollars into Latin America have gone up about 10 times. In Claire’s view, all the evidence that we have shows that the biggest unicorns of the future are going to come from emerging markets. 

And when it comes to investment opportunities, Latin America is showing great promise as an ecosystem. More than that, Claire feels that her role is to shepherd international investors to make their early investments. It’s often much easier than people think at first. 


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