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Social Wealth and Impact Investing With Rob Hanna, Founding Partner of Social Wealth Partners

the confident investor Mar 30, 2021

Social Wealth Partners are a group of angel impact investors, venture founders, government leaders, and philanthropists guiding early-stage for-profit ventures, impact investing funds, and social impact initiatives to success. Rob Hanna has designed and brought to market the world's largest impact accelerator, engaging over 6000 social entrepreneurs in 100 countries. He coined the term social wealth in 1991 while working on Wall Street.

We discuss Rob’s passion for climate-clean technology, how you can get involved in investing in socially impactful ventures, and what were the most important lessons he learned in his career. 

He also explains the term social wealth and underlines the importance of impact investing in today’s world.

Key points discussed

  • How Rob coined the term social wealth and what it entails (02:08)
  • Why companies need to think about their impact if they want to succeed (06:38)
  • Overlooked founders can often bring the best ROI (12:38)
  • The three types of uncommon clarity that drive success in any venture (16:07)
  • Rob’s investments in the area of climate-clean tech (18:31)
  • As a new investor, the first thing to look for in founders is integrity (24:31)
  • Wall Street lessons that are applicable to angel investing (28:45)
  • Lessons learned from investments that were less than successful (31:41)
  • Why you need to become a thoughtful and emotionally intelligent speculator (36:03)
  • The most important takeaways for new confident investors (38:26)


How Rob Coined the Term Social Wealth and What It Entails

Rob’s career started on Wall Street. He was using innovation and different tools to create private wealth for individuals and institutions and he was really surprised how effective those tools were.

Seeing the success you can have building private wealth, he started thinking about what would happen if the same methods were applied to improve society as a whole. If we can generate private wealth, we should be able to generate social wealth, too - that’s the thesis Rob started out. 

When he left Wall Street, he dove deep into that concept and took part in and executed countless social wealth projects. For him, the best definition of social wealth is people coming together to build something that no one owns individually, but everyone can collectively benefit from. 


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