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How to Make Safer Investments

the confident investor Feb 13, 2021


All investments are not the same. A thousand dollars invested in one company will never perform just like that same amount invested in another.


Not only that, but you could be putting the same $1,000 at greater risk depending on how you invest.


And yet many investors not only treat all their investments the same way, they even put more of their money into riskier investments! Speculative investments seem enticing until you realize why they are speculative in the first place and hence why they might be riskier.


The share prices of big, established companies like Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Coca Cola, or Colgate-Palmolive tend to move up or down slowly and with less sudden price movements. Many tech companies, social media companies, or companies without a large market size (market capitalization) tend to move up or down in price more easily, and those price swings can be much bigger.


This is to be expected, and is in the normal scheme of things....

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Why Startup Investing Just Got Way More Exciting!

the confident investor Feb 11, 2021


Five times more exciting to be sure!


Shark Tank Casting Director Brandon Andrews joined me on this week’s podcast. He shared why startup investing just got a lot more exciting for him.


Now, Brandon’s no greenhorn when it comes to angel investing; he sees 40,000 entrepreneurs and startup companies a year. He knows this space. And so when he told me more about what recently happened in the startup investing space, I knew it was worth paying close attention.


Before we hear what he shared, let’s review what happened in startup investing. Startup investing for the average person is relatively new; less than five years ago you and I likely couldn’t have invested in startups. It was reserved for high net worth individuals and venture capitalists able to make significant investments. The thinking was that startups are risky businesses, too much so for average investors. But that thinking also prevented the average investor from also...

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How Shark Tank Finds the Best Startups

the confident investor Feb 09, 2021


Ever wondered what the top investors look for in the perfect startup pitch? 

My guest on this week’s Confident Investor Podcast gets around 40,000 companies asking him for money. That’s a lot of asks, for a lot of money!


Brandon Andrews, Shark Tank Casting Director, and Global Innovation Fellow (named by the US Department of State), shared with me what separates the companies who make it on the show from the ones just asking for money.


Because the only companies that make it to the live show are the ones that Brandon feels are truly worth it and have something to give back to investors for the money invested.


And he also shared some great tips for angel investors - whether you’ve $100 or $100,000 to invest in startups!


Brandon is focused on bringing more diverse voices and ideas to Shark Tank. and is on a mission to bring capital and resources to more diverse entrepreneurs. And that’s important because still, to date,...

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The Perfect Elevator Pitch with Brandon Andrews, Casting Director for Shark Tank

the confident investor Feb 09, 2021

My guest today is Brandon Andrews, a serial entrepreneur and the Casting Director for ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank. Brandon is leading a nationwide casting tour focused on bringing more diverse voices and ideas to Shark Tank. He’s also been named a global innovation fellow by the US Department of State. Brandon is on a mission to bring capital and resources to diverse entrepreneurs. 

Brandon has specific knowledge of what entrepreneurs should do to get investors and what to look for in small businesses looking for investments. Today he shares his best advice for both entrepreneurs and new investors.

We also discuss the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching their company, Regulation Crowdfunding and different changes that this is bringing to the industry, as well as the industries he’s most bullish on for the next year.

Key points discussed

  • Brandon’s background and his current role 
  • How can entrepreneurs ensure they have access...
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Profiting From Cycles; What Goes Around

the confident investor Feb 06, 2021


My friend’s little sister recently shared that she was into 90s hip hop. She reeled off a list of bands and her favorite songs.


Every one of the bands my friend had heard of and had even seen a few of them. She then remembered all of her favorite songs and albums, and even recommended a few new ones to her daughter.


Within this simple story is a powerful insight on how to find potential good investments.


Have you ever noticed how trends in music and fashion seem to repeat. Why?


Because we love to reminisce about the things we were passionate about and loved in the past.


Ever spend time looking for an old lunch box or old board games on eBay? Do you love watching old cartoons because they remind you how you felt at the time you first saw them? How about playing computer or favorite board games that you grew up with that look boring by today’s standards but are just great games?


Progress doesn’t always mean it’s...

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Can I Invest with my IRA?

the confident investor Feb 04, 2021

Today we’ll look at how you can invest in startups with what you already have.


I was asked recently whether you can use an IRA to invest in startups. Good question. We are looking at startups to generate longer term returns on our capital, and an IRA aims to generate longer term returns. An IRA is designed with patience in mind and could be a good investing framework to invest in startups.


Until 2016 when the SEC passed the Regulation Crowdfunding legislation, the average person couldn’t even invest in startups. Since then, the market for startup investing has opened up, and most people can invest in startup deals with as little as $100.


Opening startup investing for the everyday person was the first step. But it still took a while for it to become easy for people to invest in startups. That’s one of the reasons why we started The Confident Investor; to help people understand startup investing and learn about startup investment deals...

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The Best Ways to Do Due Diligence Before Investing & How to Use Crowdfunding Investment Platforms

the confident investor Jan 19, 2021

In Part 3 of our educational series on How to Become an Angel Investor, I discuss my framework for evaluating companies and the best ways to source new deals. Due diligence is often the most difficult part for the new investors, but after today’s lesson, you should have a good idea of the basic questions you need to ask.

We will also go through some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms and the importance of having a like-minded community of investors to find the right deals for your first angel investments. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • Intro for the episode and the educational series (00:00) 
  • The 4Ts framework I use to evaluate startups (03:03)
  • The main questions you need to be asking when looking at new investments (09:21)
  • Crowdfunding platforms and how to source new deals from your community (10:55)
  • The investing action plan to get you started (15:28)

The 4Ts Due Diligence Framework

You should never skip the due diligence process. The first thing you want to do...

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How to Make Your First Investments & Diversify Your Portfolio

the confident investor Jan 12, 2021

How do you define your investment goals? How do you properly diversify your portfolio? How do you choose your first industry to invest in? These are the questions I’ll be answering in this week’s Confident Investor educational series to teach you How To Become An Angel Investor. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to take a long-term view of the future and confidently define your own investment thesis.


I’ll share success stories, specific advice, and my own experience to help you decide how much money to invest, which startups and industries to choose, and how to play the long game. 

Key points discussed

  • Deciding on the amount to invest 
  • How to choose your investment niche
  • You need to have a strategic approach to the future
  • The key qualities to develop as an investor


How to Allocate Your Investment Funds

The first question new angel investors have usually revolves around the amount of money they should invest in startups. When...

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Why Become an Angel Investor

the confident investor Jan 05, 2021

In the past, only a small group of venture capitalists and accredited investors were essentially the only Americans allowed to invest in promising startups. 

The introduction of Reg CF demolished the barriers to enter into the world of start-up investing, giving the average American hope, a chance to get in the startup game, win big, and have a hand in funding the types of companies that directly shape our future. This is the first time in history non-accredited investors have a chance to shape the future with their wallets.

When researching and studying investing, there is abundant information on how to invest in traditional investments such as stocks or bonds, but there is shockingly little reliable information on startup investing for the average investor. This tells us that this is an overlooked and undersaturated asset class, which presents an opportunity if your willing to do the work and find a niche. 

In today’s episode, I discuss how Regulation Crowdfunding...

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Top Money Mindset Shifts for New Investors

the confident investor Dec 29, 2020

Today we’re going back to the basics of investing and finance. Your success as an investor depends first and foremost on cultivating a confident money mindset. In this episode, I go through the key mindset shifts you need to have as a confident investor going into the new year. I will also cover some of the big mistakes we make when we are driven by fear or anxiety about loss. 

You will learn how to overcome four of the biggest mental blocks that stall new investors: loss aversion, lack of urgency, scarcity mindset, and lack of knowledge. This way, you will be set up to create wealth and abundance in the new year. Through The Confident Investor Club, you have a unique opportunity to build your knowledge and network as an angel investor. The decision to start investing in startups is a pivotal step towards building your financial freedom.

What’s Getting in the Way of Your Goals?

All of us have false financial stories ingrained through family, education, or society....

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