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Alternative Investments

Investments that don’t fall into one of the traditional categories like stocks, bonds, or cash are considered “alternative”.

Alternative investments encompass a variety of assets but share many similarities. They tend to be illiquid, unregulated, and risky, but also yield high returns and counterweigh traditional investments

Examples include private equity (angel investments), hedge funds, commodities, and cryptocurrency, as well as tangible assets like art, wine, coins, and precious metals.

Why Make Alternative Investments

Investors make alternative investments for one reason—diversification

Because alternative investments have a low correlation with standard asset classes like stocks, they are an excellent counterweight. This means that while stocks and bonds are hurting, alternative assets may be doing just fine.

As investors, we never want to have all our eggs in one basket. 

Also, things like gold, antiques, and oil provide a hedge against...

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Tim Draper on the Power of Investing without Fear

Tim Draper is a legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist. His investments include Skype, Hotmail, Tesla SolarCity, and SpaceX. Tim is a true visionary and in this episode, we get to learn from his incredibly rich investment experience.

Tim is also a leading spokesperson for blockchain technology and he has investments in over 50 crypto companies. He created the concept of viral marketing that was instrumental to the success of Hotmail and Skype.

He will tell us how he chooses the startups to invest in, what are the key features of an investment mindset, and how to get over fear and take the first step towards becoming a confident investor.

“If you're not making money, you're not doing anybody any favors.” - Tim Draper


How to Pick the Right Industry 

When it comes to smart investing, you always want to catch the next technological wave. Tim jumped on the internet wave and saw his investments grow as the internet transformed almost every industry in the...

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