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Mission-Driven Investing with Nick Shekerdemian, Founding Partner at The Venture Collective

Investing in startups is often at least a ten-year game, once you put your money in you’re in the journey for the long haul, because when you’re angel investing in a startup, you are coming in at the earliest stages. You’re taking a bet on a founder’s vision at least ten years down the line, and betting that the team today has the competitive advantage to build the company they say they will. 

To be able to invest confidently you need to know the right questions to ask, and you need to feel good about the research and positive signals, so you can create enough conviction that this company will succeed in the future.  

While it’s essential as an investor to consider the long-term financial rewards, more and more investors today are recognizing the importance of also considering the social impact returns of their investments. 

In the future, the fastest-growing startups will be the ones that have a double-bottom line of profit and...

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How to Find Your Investment Niche with Cheryl Cheng

Cheryl Cheng is a General Partner at BlueRun Ventures and today she shares her experience both as an individual and institutional investor. Before she became a partner at an early-stage venture capital firm, Cheryl developed a keen eye for effective business operations, which she leverages to confidently invest in new companies.

It’s from that perspective that Cheryl shares key skills every investor should bring to the table and advises new investors on how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with founders.

As an investor, Cheryl is focused on investing specifically in the future of digital health. We discuss the role of passion in investments and how to leverage your skills and expertise to find an investment niche that works for you. 


Combining Business Operations and Investing

Cheryl started her career at an investment bank as a mergers and acquisitions specialist. Her task was to source and evaluate opportunities for early-stage investing. At that...

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