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Are the Bay Area Borders Weakening?

Over the past few months, several huge tech companies have jumped the Silicon Valley ship.

Oracle relocated to Austin, Hewlett Packard to Houston, and Palantir to Denver. 

And just before that, Elon Musk announced his exodus from California, vocal about his dissatisfaction with the state’s direction when it comes to tech and entrepreneurship.

So, does this mark the beginning of the end for Silicon Valley? 

While some big players have moved their headquarters out of the Bay Area, San Francisco’s magnetic force on innovation has yet to fade. 

Big Tech is just now headed for a border-free ecosystem, but I’m going to show you how angel investors and a new class of entrepreneurs are already miles ahead of this.

When startups can raise, and investors can invest—regardless of location—the entire system thrives.

Budding Hubs and Remote Work

The move away from The Bay is mostly attributed to its steep taxes and incredibly high cost of living.


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Introducing The Confident Investor: Learn to Invest, Without the BS

When people ask me what I am, I always say “I’m an entrepreneur.” 

My first company helped women raise over $30 million in funding and was acquired in 2019.

As great as that sounds, entrepreneurship is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

Over my entrepreneurial journey, I have worked 12 hours days, paid myself minimum wage (and often no salary at all), and traded my time and personal life for the pursuit of success.

I started thinking, “There has to be a better way...” 

And then it dawned on me, Instead of chasing investors, I should become one. I have all the right connections and knowledge. Why not build a portfolio of startup investments, instead of putting all my eggs in one basket?

And with this new mindset, I did exactly that. 

I'm a former US National Champion gymnast, a serial entrepreneur, and now, an angel investor.

People were skeptical. 94% of venture capital investors are men. Even fewer are minority women.

But ...

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