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Mission-Driven Investing with Nick Shekerdemian, Founding Partner at The Venture Collective

Investing in startups is often at least a ten-year game, once you put your money in you’re in the journey for the long haul, because when you’re angel investing in a startup, you are coming in at the earliest stages. You’re taking a bet on a founder’s vision at least ten years down the line, and betting that the team today has the competitive advantage to build the company they say they will. 

To be able to invest confidently you need to know the right questions to ask, and you need to feel good about the research and positive signals, so you can create enough conviction that this company will succeed in the future.  

While it’s essential as an investor to consider the long-term financial rewards, more and more investors today are recognizing the importance of also considering the social impact returns of their investments. 

In the future, the fastest-growing startups will be the ones that have a double-bottom line of profit and...

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How to Become an Angel Investor: The Basics for Beginners

 What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor is someone who invests his/her personal funds into a startup in the earliest days of the startup’s growth. This is also called seed investing. It's an exciting time to be a startup investor. There are more promising startups than ever before and opportunities to access these investments have finally become available to everyday investors, just like you. 

Angel investors are in the business of finding potential startups to invest in and put in their money before anyone else does. The payoff comes five to ten years down the line when a startup either gets acquired or IPOs. 

Angel investing has traditionally only been reserved for high-net worth individuals… however, that’s all changed. Now you can become an angel investor too. 


What do you mean I can be an Angel Investor?

There’s never been a better time to get into startup investing. Before 2016, angel investing was not an option for an...

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The 3 Biggest Lies People Believe About Money


Most people believe that all money is created equal, and more money equals more success. 

The truth is all money is not created equal. There's money that works for you, and there's money that works against you. The money that you have in your savings account is just sitting there, doing nothing for you. In fact, you could actually be losing money when the bank savings rate is lower than the inflation rate. 

We all have this illusion of safety, but if you’re not investing money, you’re losing money. This is a fundamental truth that no one ever teaches you. 


Most people think that more money is the end goal

It’s not. More time is the end goal. More freedom is the end goal. Money is simply a means to create more freedom in your life. Most people are a slave to money, to their salaries, and never get off the hamster wheel. 

If you’re working for money, but not making your money work for you, it’s time to...

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Introducing The Confident Investor: Learn to Invest, Without the BS

When people ask me what I am, I always say “I’m an entrepreneur.” 

My first company helped women raise over $30 million in funding and was acquired in 2019.

As great as that sounds, entrepreneurship is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

Over my entrepreneurial journey, I have worked 12 hours days, paid myself minimum wage (and often no salary at all), and traded my time and personal life for the pursuit of success.

I started thinking, “There has to be a better way...” 

And then it dawned on me, Instead of chasing investors, I should become one. I have all the right connections and knowledge. Why not build a portfolio of startup investments, instead of putting all my eggs in one basket?

And with this new mindset, I did exactly that. 

I'm a former US National Champion gymnast, a serial entrepreneur, and now, an angel investor.

People were skeptical. 94% of venture capital investors are men. Even fewer are minority women.

But ...

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