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The Confident Investor Playbook

The Essential No-BS Guide for New Angel Investors to Make Your First Startup Investments, Regardless of Your Age, Income, or Experience.

The Confident Investor Playbook will be your essential guide to making your first startup investments and leveraging an asset class that has the potential to make unprecedented returns for your future. 

The Confident Investor Playbook will be a practical and actionable guide to help you get started learning how to invest, without the BS. This Playbook will tell you exactly how to think about the basics of angel investing. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s essential to invest your money as soon as possible
  • Why now is the best time to invest in startups
  • How much money you should invest if you’re just starting out
  • Which industries you should and should not invest in
  • How to properly evaluate startup deals
  • How to predict future startup trends
  • How to find the right investment community & maximize opportunities

By the end of this Playbook, you’ll have a solid foundation to begin confidently making your first startup investments. 

Let's start making your money work for you. 

Disclaimer: Nothing in this book should be construed as personal financial or investment advice. The Confident Investor provides strictly educational and informational content, as well as access to best practices based on our own research and experience working with successful investors. The Confident Investor is not a financial advisor and does not offer personalized investment advice. All investments are made by the member, at their own risk. For personal advice, seek a registered investment advisor.

What People Are Saying:

“Super insightful and thoughtfully done! Awesome content. ”

Shang H.

“Lisa has a unique perspective as an entrepreneur and investor. She really breaks down financial jargon into approachable concepts and is super motivating. I didn't even know I could invest in startups. Excited to start investing!”

Jay S.

“I'm in finance and somehow still struggle with my own personal investments. Love the helpful question to understand how to invest and do so more confidently. Need to pass this on to my entire crew of late 20 / early 30 somethings!”

Harry K.

“Lisa gives a lot of really helpful and actionable tips about investing. It inspired me to start investing!”

Gillian R.

“Very honest and actionable content around why personal investing matters.”

Mary L.